How to Play Live Baccarat Game at the Live Casino

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Baccarat online is one of the games that are usually found at the casino. It is an interesting game which entertains the players with full satisfaction. The game is a game of chance where baccarat players can wager their money and when they win the bets they are being awarded some of the prizes as a result. It is obvious that anyone who joins the largest online casino site to play any of the games available at the casino his or her major intention is to win the game at the casino. However, there are many situations where the players have been lost their bets to the casino sites just because they failed to play the game correctly. It is thus very vital for the player to familiarize himself with the strategy used to play the game before giving it a try for real money at the online gambling site.

How to Play Live Baccarat Game at the Live Casino

Live baccarat itself is a simple game in which during the gambling it only involves three kinds of bets namely; banker bet, player bet and tie belt also known as standoff. Though the game looked too simple when it comes to gambling, the rules of the game seem to be a little bit strict especially when dealing the cards. The game is played from an eight-deck shoe of cards. All the face cards and 10s in this game lack value. The cards which are less in rank than 10 are taken as aces and are being counted as 1. The suits of the cards in this game do not take any role in playing the game.

Single digit on the values of the cards in the game is valid in playing the game. Any value in the game that might happen to have two digits, the digit on the left-hand side is being dropped leaving the right-hand side digit to be counted so as to determine the winner of the game. Taking the following examples; 35 the digit 3 is dropped and 5 is counted, for the case of 46 the digit 4 is being ignored and the value counted is 6. Each hand of the baccarat comprises of not more than three cards, this is a result of the rule of the game that doesn’t allow the dealing of a fourth card in the game whatsoever.

How to Play Live Baccarat Game at the Live Casino

How to Play Live Baccarat Game at the Live Casino

At the beginning of the game, the player can either bet on banker bet, player bet or tie bet. The game requires that both the banker and the player are supposed to pay an even amount of the prior to the start of the game. After the game has ended and the winner declared, the rule of the game demands that there is 5% commission on the total winning on banker bet. A tie bet in the game pays the player and banker at the ratio 8:1. The main aim of the game is that player or the banker to reach a total of 9 points using their hands.

There is a live dealer in the game that deals two cards to the player and the banker before the game started. The player is the first person to be dealt with the cards then followed by the banker. There might be dealing with a third card to either the player or the banker. The player and the banker are based on the three-card rule. The rules are not necessary to be learned before the player plays the game, the rules are compulsory in the decisions of playing the game and therefore the rules are automatic.

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