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Asian Handicap Explained-Different Style Of Betting

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In Asian Handicap betting, the underdog team is given a lead before even the game starts. The draw is normally eliminated so when the team draws, you get you money back. It might sound so easy to win but sometimes teams could mess up easily and you end up not getting anything. We will explore all the various types of Asian Handicap explained-Different style of betting so that you get the best knowledge about how this kind of betting goes. Your stake needs to be high because this type of bookmaker online is generally accompanied by low odds at all times.

Asian Handicap explained-Different style of betting

In this kind of a bet, the game starts at 0:0 and no advantage is given to any team. When the teams draw, the bet is normally aborted and the stake is returned. Let us see the below example of standing a chance of winning big at all times.

Asian Handicap Explained-Different Style Of Betting

Asian Handicap Explained-Different Style Of Betting

Arsenal versus Liverpool

Home odds are 1.80 while away odds are 2.50.

In this game, you win the bet when Arsenal wins. Assuming your stake was $100, then you will get 180$ which is then given back to your account. The same case will happen when Liverpool wins, you will get back $250. In the event that the teams draw, you will get your stake back and that is what makes betting the best at all times. DNB is normally indicated to show Draw No bet.

Asian Handicap 0.25

In this game, the underdog team is given a quarter a goal before it starts. Here, you will win, win half, lose or lose half. It is that complicated so you need to ensure that you follow these explanations carefully.

PSG Vs Lyon, Home odds 1.78, away odds 2.01. AH is 0: ¼.

Here, you win your bet when PSG wins the game. Assuming you have a stake of $200, then you will win $356 which is good. When the team draws, you get half of your stake which in this case, you will get $100. When Lyon wins, you get nothing and everything is taken by the casino. As you can see in this kind of online sports, the draw has been counted so there is no big deal about draws. When you bet AH +1/4 then you will win back your stake when it draws plus the same value multiplied by your odd.

Understanding the + and – advance goals in the betting system

In this betting, when you put a –minus , then you have awarded the underdog a goal. It must win for you to get money. You are always given lowest odds because it is like it is already high so the winning is highly possible at all times. Just make sure that you make high amounts at all times. When it is a plus sign, all the draws are included in the game and you win with a profit no matter what. Look at the best online sites with the best rates and odds for you to stand a chance of win sports betting at all times. Make sure that you bet these games when you are pretty sure about the strength of the matches at all times. Asian Betting is an easy way of getting money but people lose because of parlay betting, Don’t be greedy, just bet the games that you are sure they are going to win as you suspect.

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